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UNIDO: Successful Fighting Ozone Depleti...

Schukoff-Film is proud to work with Environment Department of United Nations again: UNIDO is celebrating 50 years anniversary in Vienna from November 21th to 25th. One of the most successful program of the International community was the Montreal Protocol: All governments of the world cooperated to reduce ozone depleting and eliminating the ozone hole over […]

Wiener Schmankerl in 3sat

“Schmankerl” is Viennese, is not translatable. If you want to learn about this, you have to come to Vienna. Enjoy Viennese lifestyle, all the goodies in the cafes, markets, restaurants and taste it. The cinematic declaration of love to Vienna by Alexander Schukoff-Film is shown in television at best time of the year for culinary tv-documentations: […]

Schukoff Film: Towards Responsible Gold ...

Schukoff-Film doing a worldwide project for UNIDO: “Artisanal Small Scale Gold Mining” in West Africa. A short film, that is shown at international donors meeting on 1st December at the headquarter of UNIDO in Vienna. In association with the Environment Branch of UNIDO and the support of industrial development officer Fukuya Iino, filmdirector Alexander Schukoff produced a movie […]